Cardiac Vibration Signals

The  pulsatile  phenomena  of  the  body’s  surface  with  every  heart beat  have  attracted  the  attention  of physicians since the beginning of medicine. Precordial examination or cardiac examination is performed as part of the regular physical examination for the purpose of the detection of cardiovascular pathologies. These  tests  include  palpation  and  auscultation.  With  palpation,  the  pulsations  of  the  heart  and  great arteries that are transmitted to the chest wall are qualitatively assessed through tactile observations. The main  context  of  these  project  are  the  study  of  methods  that  quantifies  these  pulsations  and  records  the acceleration, velocity, or displacement of specific points on the body or the platform on which the body lies, caused by these pulsations. These low frequency signals have been shown to have correspondences to  contractility  and  mechanical  performance  of  the  heart as  a  pump,  and  can  be  used  as  tools  in  non-invasive cardiology. In particular Seismocardiogrm and Ballistocardiogram are studied.

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