Acne Management

Acne is a chronic disorder that affects about 85% of adults at some point during their lives. There are  the  different  type  of  acne  lesions  including  blackheads  and  whiteheads  (collectively  termed comedones), larger pimples (papules). The importance of acne is undeniable because the disease can  have  important  negative  psychosocial  consequences  for  the  affected  individual.  Some  of these   consequences   are   diminished   self-esteem,   depression, social   withdrawal   due   to embarrassment,  and  unemployment.  Therefore,  the  suggestion  of  adequate  therapy  is  vital. Methods which are used by dermatologists are manual methods such as direct visual assessment and  ordinary  flash  photography  to  evaluate  the  acne.  Time-consuming  and  tedious  are disadvantages of these manual methods. To address these issues, this study focus on developing a computational imaging method for automated acne grading using images which are taken by cell phone. In this study, acne lesions will be classified based on severity to estimated healing time.

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