Cardio-Postural Interaction

The  focus  of  our  work  on  cardio-postural  analysis  is  to  establish  a  cause  and  effect  relationship  between cardiovascular and postural variables. Previous research indicates that cardiovascular and postural system interacts with each other to maintain equilibrium, however, cause and effect relationship between such systems is yet to be established. A statistical Granger causality test was conducted to find a causal relationship between blood pressureand resultant center of pressure (COPr). Our preliminary results based on a study of 7 subjects during quiet stance indicate  existence  of  bi  directional  interaction  between  such  systems.  Most  recently  we  are  working towards generalizing  the  cause  and  effect  relationship  between  cardio-postural  systems  by  incorporating  more  cardio-postural variables and using bigger data size. The cardiovascular variables that we are currently using are cardiac output, systolic and diastolic blood pressure while the postural variables currently used are medio-lateral sway (COPx), anterior-posterior sway (COPy), COPr and electromyogram (EMG). This work is done in collaboration with researchers from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada. Figure below shows set up for experimental dataacquisition.

[1] A.K. Verma, A. Garg, A. Blaber, R. Fazel-Rezai, and K. Tavakolian, “Causality in the Cardio-Postural Interactions during Quiet Stance”, Computing in Cardiology 2015.

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