Respiration Analysis of SCG

Respiration  affects  the  cardiovascular  system  significantly  and  this  is  observed  in  hemodynamic parameters  such  as  stroke  volume  and  heart  rate. The  morphology  of  signals  relevant  to  the  heart  also changes  with  respiration.  Such  changes  have  been  used  to  extract  respiration  signal  from  the electrocardiogram (ECG). It is also shown that accelerometers placed on the body can be used to extract respiration  signals.  Apart  from  measuring  the  respiration  rate  or  estimating  the  respiration  signal morphology, what is also important is to detect the phases of respiration using the same accelerometers. This  project  mainly  focuses  on  detection  of  the  start  and  end  timings  of  respiration  phases  and  also discriminating  heart  beats  related  to  inhaling  from  those  related  to  exhale  phases  rather  than  detecting them alone or computing respiration rates only. Thus, the idea behind this study is to compare the efficacy of  accelerometer-derived respiration (ADR) to Electrocardiogram derived respiratory (EDR) in detecting the  respiration  phases  and  investigate  the  feasibility  of  detecting  inhale  and  exhale  from  the  same accelerometer recording the seismocardiography. In addition, investigate the possibility of estimating the timings  of  inhaling  and  exhale  phases  in  both  methods. Figure  1  shows  respiration,  ECG,  SCG  signals and estimated signals.


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