ND Venture Grant: Remote Patient Monitoring System

ND Venture Grant: Remote Patient Monitoring System

Dr Arash Nejadpak, an adjunct member of BERC, was successful in getting a North Dakota Venture Grant Phase I ($100K) to develop  a Remote Patient Monitoring System – VitaWiPSTM. The Co-PIs are Dr Rezai, Dr Tavakolian, Dr Noghanian and Dr Akhbardeh.


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 7.33.03 PM



“The goal of this project is to develop and commercialize a wireless heart monitoring system (VitaWiPSTM: Vital Wireless Passive Sensing) using cellphones with no battery on the sensors side and no wire connection. The proposed monitoring system is a patch consists of passive components that are printed on a flexible biocompatible material. The sensors in the patch are able to record heart signal without any need for sticky patches or gels. Additionally, the on-demand energy feature helps to eliminate the need for battery on the sensor side, which consequently will increase the reliability and safety of the system. The main properties of the proposed system include: 1) non-invasive, 2) ease of use, 3) inexpensive, 4) wireless, and 5) battery-free. The system can be used to screen the heart activity of high risk cardiac patients and transmits measured data to any iOS, Android-compatible or Symbian (for old technology cellphones) PDAs and smartphones.”

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